The 1st Marquis of Montrose Society
About the Society

The Society was founded by Alan Macpherson, Younger of Cluny in June 1996.

Alan can call himself nothing less than a Montrose addict and once he had put himself to the task of learning everything there was to know about his life and times he decided it was time he was recognised for all that he gave both to his King and to Scotland and all he lost in the process.

The Constitution of the Society is really a document of intent and a demonstration of feeling about the subject. Our aims and objectives are all concerned with having all sites of importance to Montrose's campaigns properly recognised and shown as the sites of importance that they are. It binds all members to uphold and honour the memory of Montrose and it is considered a duty of all members to “spread the word” where ever possible. Montrose's memory must be revived and placed in the annals of Scottish history where it belongs along with the Bruce and Wallace, he is as deserving if not more so. So, as long as you are prepared to honour Montrose's memory and help us to shake off the dust of time that has wrongly been allowed to gather upon his legacy then you are eligible to join the 1st Marquis of Montrose Society and we welcome all who have come this far.

Office Bearers:

Chairman: Robin Bell

Vice Chairman: Sandy Macpherson

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: James Hair

Secretary: Shelagh Macpherson Noble

Inverlochy Trip
Members of the Society in Glen Roy during annual outing