The 1st Marquis of Montrose Society

The following images show the memorials which have been erected by this society since 2003.

THE KILSYTH BATTLEFIELD MEMORIAL Grid Ref: 273722,678373 (OS : NS 7378)

This memorial was unveiled on 16 August 2003 by our Honorary Patron, Sir W A Macpherson of Cluny and Blairgowrie. The memorial lies at the side of the 18th century Banton Loch which now occupies the position held by the Royalists prior to the battle.

Pictured beside the cairn are Sir William Macpherson and his son Alan, founder of our society.

kilsyth memorial


THE TRUIDH – BLAIR ATHOLL Grid Ref: 289599,767000 ( OS : NN 8967)

This memorial lies close to the spot where, on 30th August 1644 James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose, unfurled the banner of King Charles 1st. This act marked the beginning of the Scottish wars of the Covenant.

This memorial was unveiled on 6 September 2003 by our Honorary President His Grace The Duke of Montrose

blair atholl memorial


THE GORDON STANE MEMORIAL, ALFORD Grid Ref: 357285,816761 (OS : NJ 5716)

This memorial commemorates the untimely death of Lord George Gordon which occurred in the final moments of the Battle of Alford (2 July 1645). It is said that his grieving clansmen laid him on the flat stone which stands near the memorial, whereupon he died; a grievous loss to Montrose in particular and the royalist cause in general.

The original bronze memorial plaque, which was provided by the 1ST Marquis of Montrose Society and unveiled by Margaret Black of the Alford Historical Association on 21 July 2007 was stolen, and this replacement, provided by the Alford Historical Association, was placed here in 2013.

alford memorial


Grid Ref: 335348,861042 (OS : NJ 3561)

This memorial commemorates the death of Lord John Graham, son and heir of the 1st Marquis of Montrose, who died of illness in the early days of March 1645, aged just 14 years. He died, possibly of typhus, whilst accompanying his father on campaign. Lord Graham was interred within the walls of the now ruinous church close to where the stone now stands.

The stone and plaque were provided by the 1st Marquis of Montrose Society and the memorial was unveiled by General Bernard Gordon on 27 August 2011.

The society gratefully acknowledges the assistance and generosity of the ‘Friends of Bellie Churchyard’ and Baxter’s Food Group who greatly assisted in the erection of this memorial.

bellie kirk memorial


Grid Ref: 345419,628268 (OS : NT4528)

Following an invitation from the local landowner at Philiphaugh, Sir Michael Strang-Steel, our society erected a memorial to those who died in the Battle of Philiphaugh, which was fought on 13 September 1645.

The memorial stands on the newly created historic walkway, close to the battlefield, and it was unveiled on 4 May 2013 by our society chairman Lt. Col. Malcolm McVittie.

philiphaugh memorial