The 1st Marquis of Montrose Society


Poems from the Flyleaves of His Books.

· As Macedo his Homer, I’ll thee still

· As Philip’s noble son did still disdain

· Though Caesar’s paragon I cannot be
In Praise of Women

· When heaven’s great love had made the world’s round frame
Perfect Sympathy in Love

· There’s nothing in this world can prove
The Killing of the Earl of Newcastle’s Son’s Dog

· Here lies a dog, whose qualities did plead
To His Mistress

· My Dear and only love, I pray
On the Faithlessness and Venality of His Times

· Unhappy is the Man
His Metrical Vow

· Great Good! And Just! Could I but rate
On the Death of Charles 1

· Burst out my soul in main of tears
On His Own Condition

· I would be high, but that the Cedar tree
On Natural Order

· Can little beasts with lions roar
His Metrical Prayer Before Execution

· Let them bestow on every airth a limb

All Montrose’s poems, and a great deal more, are contained in a highly recommended book by the Scottish author Robin Bell entitled ‘Civil Warrior’, ISBN 1-84282-013-3.

Bell not only tells the story of Montrose in a concise and easily understood format (the book is 109 pages long) but he punctuates the text with Montrose’s poems, considering the historical events of the time and exploring the influence they had on Montrose’s words.

He cleverly weaves the poems in and out of the story and the result is an immensely enjoyable and informative read.

So much can be learned about Montrose and the turbulent times in which he lived by reading and understanding his poetical works. They go a long way to helping us understand the kind of man who Montrose was and also what drove him on to stand up for what was ultimately a lost cause. It was a cause he was to sacrifice everything for.

For more information on Montrose’s poems and other historical books see our Bibliography on this website.